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In 1984, Tri-State Asphalt, Inc. was founded by Charles Kline and George Erickson as a partnership to manufacture micro-surfacing and tack coat asphalt emulsion in Morris, IL. Charles owned a pavement preservation and road contracting company in Des Plaines, IL, that focused on micro-surfacing. George was a Professional Engineer and owned a hot mix asphalt paving company. Both partners had little success obtaining a consistent or a good quality product from various suppliers in an attempt to maintain the highest quality workmanship on the contracting side of their companies. Since the inception, Charles and George understood they needed to focus on two main principles — excellent customer service and superior quality products. After the passing of George in the late 1980's, Charles purchased his share. In 1995, Tri-State Asphalt moved to a new facility in the Morris Industrial Park.

In 2010, Charles sold Tri-State Asphalt, Inc. to Todd Weist and was then renamed Tri-State Asphalt, LLC. Todd has an extensive background in aggregates, hot mix asphalt, and pavement preservation that has helped with the company's growth. Tri-State Asphalt, LLC manufactures numerous road and industrial grades of asphalt emulsions and is a certified supplier in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri and Minnesota. Tri-State Asphalt LLC will maintain the two core founding principles well into the future, excellent customer service and superior quality products.
Tri-State Asphalt, LLC | PO Box 470 | 1362 Bungalow Road | Morris, IL 60450 | Ph (815) 942-0080